About Us

Wantagh-Levittown Volunteer Ambulance Corps was founded in 1956 by Homer Moore, a local plumber and firefighter. Homer recognized the community’s need for an immediate medical response. Initially, Homer set out to create a private ambulance, however he decided that a volunteer ambulance corps was just what the community needed.




With an idea coming to life, Homer created our ambulance corps utilizing a small shack seated on the MacArthur football field next to the Wantagh fire station. Shortly after, we needed to find another home. WLVAC was moved to Hunt Road into a small house on Levittown’s school district property. The house came with a two car garage, which housed our first ambulances, a 1951 Cadillac and a 1947 Buick. Yet again, we had to find another new and permanent home.

Now settled into our permanent home, we sought for a way to accept calls from the community for medical attention. Our first dispatcher was a single person always at headquarters answering the phones. After he died, we tried using several phone lines dispatched by the wives of the men who volunteered here. Later on, we implemented a red phone system. This system gave each dispatcher and officer of the corps a red phone to answer in their own homes while on duty. At this time, our ambulances were primarily providing the community with transportation to hospitals and back home.

In 1981, the ambulance corps gained access to the Fire Communications dispatching service, commonly referred to as “Fire Comm”. This was an agreement with the County Executive, The Fire Marshal’s Office, and Nassau County Police Department’s Emergency Ambulance Bureau. The agreement was, that if we wanted to use Fire Comm as our dispatcher, we needed to be in the 9-1-1 system. In order to do that, we had to send members to become Advanced Medical Technicians. So 5 members became AMTs right away. Now with Fire Comm as our dispatcher, we obtained the ability to respond to 9-1-1 emergency calls. WLVAC began providing Advanced Life Support through the 9-1-1 emergency response system with the ability to treat critical and medical emergencies.

The Executive Board

Board of Trustees


Stephen Grippi


Michael Muccio


Cody Ryan



Irene Sabatasso

Vice President

Scott Thompson


Chief of Operations

Frank Iadevia

1st Deputy Chief

Arthur Goldbach

2nd Deputy Chief

Paul Baynes

Board Secretaries

Financial Secretary Treasurer

Fran San Filippo

Assistant Financial Secretary Treasurer

Tara Ryan

Recording Secretary

Bree Harran

Service Secretary

Joshua Wilson

Corresponding Secretary

Peter Ryan

The Office of Operations


Chief of Operations

Frank Iadevia

1st Deputy Chief

Arthur Goldbach

2nd Deputy Chief

Paul Baynes


Ben Raj

Kristin Diamond

Ryan Seerattan

Kerry Nortwich

Dalena Tran


Brittany Rivera

Jared Kelbick

Elizabeth Brennan

Jenna Bello

Tyler Noboa

John Iadevia

Krissy Suquisupa


Sydney Freeman

Nicole McGuire

Aaron John

Medical Director

Dr. David Neubert



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2019 Ford E450, PL Custom.


2014 Horton 553B Ford E-450


2016 Chevy Silverado 2500


2015 Chevrolet, Tahoe.